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The Matriculation Ceremony for Students of the Second Faculty of Medicine

The matriculation ceremony for students of the Second Faculty of Medicine with the English Division and Physiotherapy Division took place on October 11th. Over six-hundred incoming students took the Medical University of Warsaw oath. 

Prof. Marek Kuch, Dean of the Second Faculty of Medicine, conducted the ceremony which began with the singing of Gaude Mater and the Medical University of Warsaw’s hymn.

Joining the Dean in this important ceremony were: representing the Rector, Prof. Wojciech Braksator, Deputy Rector for Clinical Affairs and Investments;  Prof. Agnieszka Cudnoch- Jędrzejewska, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs (First, Second and Third years) at the First Faculty of Medicine; the Deans of the Second Faculty of Medicine: Ms. Magdalena Malejczyk, MD, PhD, Deputy Dean (First, Second and Third years); Prof. Artur Mamcarz, Deputy Dean (Fourth and Fifth years); Prof. Bożena Werner, Deputy Dean of the English Division;  Mr. Dariusz Białoszewski, PhD, Deputy Dean of the Physiotherapy Division; and, Directors and academic teachers of the Second Faculty of Medicine.  Also present were: Zbigniew Wroński, PhD, Vice President of the National Council of Physiotherapists; Ms. Grażyna Brzuszkiewicz-Kuźmicka, PhD, Physiotherapy Consultant for the Mazovian Voivodship; and, Mr. Jarosław Rosłon, PhD, Director of the Specialist Hospital in Międzylesie. 

In his address, the Dean commended the newly accepted medical students for their hard work and efforts which resulted in being admitted to the Medical University of Warsaw. Prof. Marek Kuch assured the incoming students that they are beginning their medical studies at one of the best medical universities in the country.  He also appealed to the novice to treat patients with dignity and to observe medical confidentiality. The Dean then extended a warm welcome to the entire academic community and in particular to the incoming foreign students enrolled in the English Division medical program.  

Prof. Wojciech Braksator followed with an address on behalf of the Rector in which he explained that the Medical University of Warsaw is an institution where students will be able to realize their dreams and personal plans. He underlined that the University’s teachers are excellent specialists who will unveil the intricacies of their professions. Prof. Braksator continued by expressing hope that his audience of future doctors will one day become leaders in their fields and as such, will foster the basic values of humanity. Next, Prof. Braksator welcomed the new students of the English Division into the University’s academic community and wished them success in their studies and satisfaction in their intellectual endeavors.

As a representative of the National Council of Physiotherapists, Mr. Wroński congratulated the students on their choice of discipline while reminding them that like medical doctors, physiotherapists perform a profession of public trust.

The ceremony reached its climax with the incoming medical students taking an oath administered by the Dean.

Students with the highest marks at the time of admission were ceremonially recognized and then, the remaining first year students were asked to come up in procession to receive a Second Faculty of Medicine lapel pin from the Dean himself as a symbol of matriculation.

Next followed the inaugural lecture delivered by Prof. Bogdan Ciszek, Director of the Normal and Clinical Anatomy Department.  Prof. Ciszek addressed the challenging question “Whither Goest Thou, Young Doctor?”

Carlo Bieńkowski, President of the Second Faculty Students’ Council and Justyna Pordzik, the representative of the English Division Students’ Council welcomed the new members of the University’s student community.

The ceremony ended on a musical note with the University choir, under the direction of maestro Daniel Synowiec, giving a great performance of popular pop songs like “We Are the Champions.” 


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